Monday, 28 March 2011

Hugh Jackman offers X-Men to SRK

The Incident was the closing ceremony of FICCI FRAMES 2011, which brought Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan and Hollywood's Hugh Jackman jointly on the same platform. 

Though SRK's fan following is unmatchable, the Baadshah of Bollywood is a character confessed fan of Wolverine star Hugh Jackman.

Talking about Hugh, SRK said, "I have seen a lot of Hugh's films and also his effort on TV. I loved Wolverine the most and in our discussion just a while back, Hugh offered me to be part of the next X-Men installment. I said him I am in.

I would definitely love to do X-Men with Jackman. Just as SRK made that exposure, Hugh jumped in and said, "Well, Oh! I just asked you to finance the film.

" This was just one of the many light hearted moments that electrified the swarm present at FICCI. Both stars were a treat with their quick wit and amazing sense of humour.

Though the two were just joking about the next X-Men film, we expect SRK and Hugh give the idea of working together a serious thought!


  1. Really Nice if SRK and Jackman both are act together.. It will be a happy moments to his fans an dcin industry..
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